Facial FAQ

When received regularly, facials can improve skin tone, texture, and appearance. A facial can also restore the skin’s normal balance of oil and pH. Additionally, temporary results may include: heightened skin softness and pliancy, increased circulation of blood to the face, and an overall soothing of the spirit. An added bonus, most people find receiving a professional facial to be exceptionally relaxing and enjoyable.

Facials may cause impurities, if they exist, to the surface of your skin. That’s the only way they will get out!

Yes! The purpose of a facial is to help correct and preserve the health of the skin. We do not expect your skin will be perfect or blemish-free. That’s what the facial is meant to do for your skin!

We recommend regular, monthly facials for optimum skin maintenance and nourishment.

Waxing FAQ

Waxing provides long-lasting silky smooth skin while reducing and replenishing damaged skin. Once you start to wax on a regular basis, you will notice that your new hair is growing in softer and finer, while simultaneously diminishing new hair growth. The benefits of waxing will leave you feeling pampered, beautiful, and empowered.

There are two types of wax, hard and soft. Soft wax is what you would traditionally think of when you think of body waxing. It’s best suited for waxing larger areas. It is applied warm, with a waxing spatula, and removed using a pellon or muslin strip. Hard wax is a bit different and takes more skill to use. It is thicker in consistency and applied warm with a waxing spatula. The wax hardens and is removed without the use of a strip.

When working with an extra sensitive area (such as the vagina for a brazilian, the underarms, etc.) or working with overly sensitized skin, that hard wax is always the better choice. Hard wax attaches itself only to the hair, and not the skin. This minimizes discomfort and reduces the possibility of skin irritation and lifting. Hard wax has the ability to “grab” shorter and more coarse hair, almost eliminating the need to wax over the same area twice. At Valencia we use only the finest hard wax, to ensure the highest quality and pain free experience.

You should not shave in between your waxing sessions. Shaving will cause irregular growth patterns and ingrown hairs. When you shave, you will need to wait 3-4 additional weeks before waxing again.

For best results, repeat your waxing every 3-4 weeks. I recommend 4 weeks for the first 3 waxes. As you continue to wax you will see a more even growth pattern.

Brazilian takes it all off. Bikini just does the bikini line.

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